Interview with Mihai Trăistariu (Romania 2006)

From, we entered in touch with Mihai Trăistariu, the representative for Romania in Athens at Eurovision Song Contest 2006. We could speak with him and this is what he told us:

20151203 Mihai

1.- One month ago you published in your official facebook page that you wanted to represent Romania in Eurovision because of a dream in which you won the contest. What can you tell us about that dream?

Ya. That’s right. I had this dream. 🙂 I was white dressed and my father ( who passed away 15 years ago ) … appeared at the top of the stage and said : ” I told you ?! You can win ! “. I woke up scared but… happy ! That was the moment when I decided to FIND THAT FUCKING SONG that I’m waiting for so many years… 😀

I announced my dream on Facebook page … and authors from all over the World have sent me a lot of songs … 🙂

2.- Ten years ago in Athens, with the song Tornero, you were 4th in the final with 172 points. Looking back, are you happy with the result? Do you believe Lordi deserved the victory?

I was so happy for my result. It was an incredible place. After that, the song “Tornero ” has been played on hundreds of radio stations all over the Europe… so… this was the point I realised how BIG is Eurovision Song Contest and what power gives to a song. Lordi has something special and I think people voted for them. They are true professionals and singing rock music… I think rockers all over the World banded together and voted for them. I guess it was for the first time when a hard rock band won. A big surprise for all Eurovision fans. 🙂

3.- As far we know, TVR hasn’t decided yet the procedure to select the romanian entry in Stockholm, but it’s known you submitted the song “Paradisio”.  What can you tell us about it? (music style, language, release date, influences, whatever you want to say about it)

It’s an up-tempo song, very sensitive, powerful, strong enough to become a Worldwide hit, mostly English language, perfect for radio but also for clubs, optimistic, happy ending, so different from what I usually sing, extremely catchy, with great musicality, loved by both general public and musicians and ” sprinkled with plenty voice “…

4.- Why should TVR  should select Mihai Trăistariu to represent Romania in Stockholm?

Because I’m a huge fan of the contest, because I prepared a lot for this moment, because I waited for so many years to find THE PERFECT SONG for my voice, because Romania never won, because I really work hard for my dreams come true, because now I’m sexier than ever ( 😛 ) working hard in the gym, because my biggest dream is to win Eurovision, because my voice got once a good result in ESC, because my Eurovision fans deserve this, because I feel I CAN, because my horoscope says 2016 is my BEST YEAR ever in my career. 🙂
Anyway I admitt that Romania has a lot of great voices and artists.

20151203 Mihai 3

5.- You are one of the best known and awarded romanian artists, winning more than 90 both national and international awards. Why someone like you wants to participate in Eurovision again? (In Spain, relevant artists believe that Eurovision is negative for their careers)

In Romania … they believe the same thing. 😀 Actually they don’t realise that “Tornero ” had a huge international succes AFTER EUROVISION SONG CONTEST. Without ESC, this song would have been a national hit and that’s it.
Eurovision is huge and it has a lot of international potential …
I want to win Eurovision… for a BIG REASON. I want to feel exactly what feels a Eurovision singer when the presenters announced his country name as a winner.

20151203 Mihai Zombie Love

6.- “Balade” is your last studio album, it is time for a new one. What can you advance us?

My new album is almost done. It’s name is CHANGE and it already has 11 songs. All… international languages…
I decided, together with my producers and managers, that I’ll wait for the song of Eurovision ( PARADISIO ) to be the main piece of the album. So… in a few moth it will be launched.

7.- Apart from “Paradisio“, “Zombie Love” will be your new release in 2016. Why “Zombie Love” as its name? If the zombie apocalypse happens, what would you do?

Zombie Love” is the first single of the album. The videoclip will be public soon… I wanted something different for my career. I usually sing ballads. So I felt I need this change… I was seen as a romantic boy, good, sensible … That’s why, 1 year ago … I discussed a marketing strategy with my manager and she said YES. That moment changed forever my image of a ” romantic boy “. All media talked about the new MIHAI, the bad-boy, the crazy artist etc. So… our strategy caught. 🙂
Zombie Love” is a song written for international market. All album is for international market.
I’m not afraid of zombies. I met some… 😀

8.- Due to the good relation between Romania and Spain in Eurovision. Who is your favourite spanish artist in the contest? We would be glad if you sing something of this artist.

One month ago I taught my students to sing AMANECER. So… I love this song…

I founded eMenTi STAR ACADEMY ( M & T STAR ACADEMY ) 2 years ago. I have 24 students from 5 to 27 years old. All of them HAVE A DREAM : TO BECOME THE BIGGEST VOICE IN ROMANIA ! 🙂

9.- Something probably none have never inquired to you before (in this kind of digital interviews). How is a normal day in your life?

I have 3 business companies : my music school, a taxi company and a music studio. So… I don’t have enough time for my private life… Anyway… I’ve learned to spend much time with me, my family and my friends than… the others. Sometimes I feel great beeing alone, with me. I had a relationship until February 2015. I’m alone now… but I really don’t have enough time to make a new relationship. For now I prefer to live my life ! 😉 I have 7 cats in my appartment, I love animals ( I have also an association with 100 dogs )…

10.- So far, we know some of the names of other contestants (some of them really relevants) who will participate in Stockholm. What do you think about them?

I will watch them on Youtube. Usually I’m very carrefully to my opponents in a competition. 🙂 When I was in high-school and then in college, I was 1-st on the school every year. I was a good student. 🙂 I was selected in the national team math for 6 years. Actually, what people doesn’t know is I’m a math teacher. 😀 I graduaded in mathematics. But… I became singer ! 😛
Anyway … I love contests. And I love to prepare properly for competitions. That’s why… I’ll listen to each country entry … a thousand times …

20151203 Mihai 1

It’s been a pleasure to speak with you, Miahi. Thanks a lot for spending some of your time with us and we wish you the best of lucks if you travel to Stockholm representing Romania. Now is your turn to have the possibility of saying something to spanish eurofans and all the persons that support you. We’re very thankful!

Dear readers of and fans of Eurovision…
Some of you don’t remember my great moment in ESC 2006 … but I can make you a promise now : You’ll remember me from now on all of your life. I trully believe that “Paradisio” can win ESC 2016.
There are 10 years … waiting for this song. I knew that it will come one day.
That day is TODAY !

We remind you that you can count on us for everything since today.

Regards, staff!


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