Spain: Listen the full version of the songs

España - TVE

Yesterday was great for spanish eurofans, due to public broadcaster from Spain launched 30 second snippets for each of the six songs. As it was promised, today 20th of january 2016, since 5 pm CET TVE made another video encounter in her official page. In this, among with candidates (Electric Nana, Maverick and Salva Beltrán) interventions they managed to introduce us the full versions of the songs. At last, we are able the listen the full version of the candidates to represent Spain in Stockholm.

Barei – “Say Yay!”

barei españa 2016

Song composed by the artist featuring Rubén Villanueva and Victor Púa. Is an up-tempo english song tending to soul with a very actual production.

Listen to the full version of Say Yay!

Electric Nana – “Now

electric nana españa 2016

Mónica, better known as Electric Nana, is also putting her faith in an international bet with “Now”. Entirely composed by her, it willl have extracts in english, french and her native language (spanish). It speaks about contradictions in human condition and being yourself.

Listen to the full version of “Now.

María Isabel – “La Vida Solo Es Una

maria isabel españa 2016

It was a surprise to discover María Isabel’s song it was part of her last solo album Yo Decido. “La Vida Solo Es Una” is a pop song with latin touches defined as “a song for the life full of fresh and optimism”. Composed by David Santisteban, it speaks about new ilussions and keep the look into the future.

Listen to the full version of  “La Vida Solo Es Una”.

Maverick – “Un Mundo Más Feliz”

maverick españa 2016

Maverick plays a vibrant song produced and written by Juan Magán. “Un mundo más feliz” it’s a celebration, very beating theme that uses the magic pattern that has reinvented the latin soung making trend in all corners of the planet.

Listen to the full version of Un Mundo Más Feliz“.

Xuso Jones – “Victorious”

xuso jones españa 2016An up-tempo hymn almost entirely in english which mix some organic elements with dance style. The swedish responsibles of the song are Andreas Öhrn, Peter Boström and Chris Wahle. It’s about feeling free of life anchors and having the courage to go their own way.

Listen to the full version of Victorious.

Salvador Beltrán – “Días de Alegría”

salva beltran españa 2016Spanish pop song, written by Salvador next to Miguel Ángel Arenas “Capi”. It’s full of optimism and it has very important rhythm base. A theme with life’s messages: nothing is imposible as the effort is important the reach succed.

Listen to the full version of Días de Alegría”.


Objetivo Eurovisión will be the name of the show, conduced by Anne Igartiburu, in which spanish representative for Eurovision Song Contest would be chosen. The show airs february 1st since 10:30 pm CET in La 1 or you can watch it through RTVE official page.

¿Which of the 6 candidates song would you love most to see in Stockholm? Leave a comment behind!


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