It’s Barei for Spain with “Say Yay”


Barei will be representing Spain in Eurovision Song Contest 2016! The decision came from televoting and both on stage national (Edurne, Carlos Marín and Loreen) and live international jury (France, Italy, United Kingdom and Sweden) of “Objetivo Eurovision“. The three combined grant that lady the honor of representing spanish culture in Stockholm.

The running order for the performances was the next below:

  1. Maverick: “Un Mundo Más Feliz”
  2. Barei: “Say yay!”
  3. Xuso Jones “Victorius”
  4. Salvador Beltrán: “Días de alegría”
  5. María Isabel: “La Vida Solo Es Una”
  6. Electric Nana: “Now”

After points from international jury the scores were:

  1. Días de alegría” – 36 points
  2. Say yay!” – 30 points
  3. Victorius” – 24 points
  4. “Un Mundo Más Feliz” – 21 points
  5. “La Vida Solo Es Una” – 18 points
  6. “Now” – 15 points

Those bookmarks, will be following by on stage jury who place in first place Barei’s candidature with 66 points, in the absence of televoting with 40 %. The jury points were:

  • Edurne: 5 Salva Beltrán, 6 Maverick, 7 María Isabel, 8 Electric Nana, 10 Xuso Jones, 12 Barei.
  • Carlos Marín: 5 Salva Beltrán, 6 María Isabel, 7 Electric Nana, 8 Maverick, 10  Xuso Jones, 12 Barei.
  • Loreen: 5 María Isabel, 6 Salva Beltrán, 7 Maverick,  8  Electric Nana, 10 Xuso Jones, 12 Barei.

With the points from the public the results are:

  1. Barei – 66 points + 48 (public televote) = 114 points
  2. Xuso Jones – 54 points + 40 (public televote) = 94 points
  3. Salva Beltrán – 52 points + 20 (public televote) = 72 points
  4. María Isabel – 36 points + 32 (public televote) = 68 points
  5. Maverick – 42 points + 24 (public televote) = 66 points
  6. Electric Nana – 38 points + 28 (public televote) = 66 points


In the show has been performances of Loreen, Brequette (spanish candidate in 2014), Coral Segovia (candidate in 2006,2008 y 2010) and D’Nash (spanish representatives in Helsinki 2007) among others.


Bárbara Reyzábal (1982) best known as artistisc name Barei is a spanish singer and composer who have two albums Billete para no volver and Throw The Dice. 16 years of musical career on her back, she has influences from american pop, the soul and black music. Barei has studied musical language, sing, guitar and piano. After participation in Benidorm’s Festival and travelling to Miami, she started to compose her models since the returning to Madrid to travel through the main stages in the city.

She sing and compose mainly in english. Has created song for Malú, Edurne and japanese singer May J. Besides, she made some musical works for TV. Her music got nerve and is direct. Her references comes from Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, One Republic, Maroon 5, Sia or Pink.

Barei has been favorite in social networks since the appearance of the candidate song for Eurovision Song Contest 2016 “Say Yay!”. Next to Rubén Villanueva, and Victor Púa, she composed the song that defines as “a electric song and with actual sound. A song which everyone can feel identify with and it speaks about never give up”.

Do you like the song that is going to represent Spain in Stockholm?


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