Ira Losco: “Our national final regulations have highlighted a possible song change”


Last January 23rd, Malta selected Ira Losco and the song “Chameleon” to represent the country at Stockholm. We have had the pleasure to speak with Ira and this is what she has told us:

1 Your musical career started with Tiara band, but few months ago the group split itself when you became maltese representative in Eurovision 2002. Do you remember those days?

My music career started just a few years before I represented Malta in The Eurovision where I came 2nd in 2002 with 12 points away from the title. I haven’t stopped much since then, releasing around 10 publications including 4 studio albums , 3 of which have won best album at the music awards alongside other awards, 2 remix albums , an unplugged album , a full length DVD  which was also in the cinemas  for 6 weeks and as a 400 page book. I’ve performed over 125 shows outside of Malta as well numerous significant shows in my own country, and had the pleasure to perform alongside various artists such as Elton John, Maroon 5, Akon, Bob Geldoff, Duran Duran, Enrique Iglesias, Katie Melua and many more. Also had numerous collaborations with various international artists. The most recent being with X factor USA finalist David Correy in collaboration with Coca Cola for the World Cup anthem song. One of my singles ‘UH OH’ from my 2nd album was also partially used in Kelly Clarkson’s HIT song ‘Don’t waste your time’. I am assimilate about my music, I have a big heart and I love people. My career gives me all of that and more. 

2 That same year you stroked victory getting 2nd place after latvian singer Marie N. How it was for you live that moment?

I was overwhelmed with joy from the first 10 points received from Cyprus throughout the whole voting system. It was a nail biting finish between Malta and Latvia.

3 Do you think “I Wanna” was better than “7th Wonder”?

I cannot say if it was the song that gave victory to Marie N or if it was her dress change at the very end beat my glitter blowing.


4 You have been chosen to represent Malta in Stockholm. 14 years it’s been since your first participation in Eurovision. Why did you decide to try to represent your contry after so much time?

Various factors. Ever since I represented Malta in Eurovision and got a 2nd placing I was asked several times to return. My answer was consistently ‘never say never’. After the release of ‘THE FIRE’ three years ago, which was ‘pop’ in genre it received very good reviews in the international press and has retained its 10 position since its release in 2013. It also enjoyed a number 1 spot in the Malta iTunes for several weeks, which was very encouraging for me. In 2014 I was asked to co-host Malta’s selection for Eurovision with Gianluca where I really felt the warmth of the audience and that’s when I started to re-consider my participation in MESC. Last year I also reached out to my fans on my fanpage and also asked for their feedback with regards to my possible return to Erovision. Loreen’s win with a track like ‘Euphoria’ in my humble opinion made Eurovision even more relevant. Since my genre is pop music and my album is due for 2016 I felt this was the right time to return.


5 “Chameleon” is the song you will be singing on the stage of Globen Arena. How did you define it?

‘Chameleon’ is about one of human’s best attributes. Our species has survived so much throughout the years also managed to evolve because we are very capable of adapting. Sometimes we forget this and limit ourselves because accepting change can be scary at times. So I’m using the chameleon to bring across this symbolic attribute alongside being there for others, hope and feeling invincible.

6 MESC’s version we could listen last month is the one which we’re listening in Stockholm or maybe you’re thinking to introduce some changes for making a final version?

If Chameleon will remain as is it is only because it would have been challenged and won. That means it would stand a good chance. If it is tweaked or changed then it’s because it would have been for the best. Our national final regulations have highlighted a possible song change, should PBS and producers of song agree to it, this regulation has been present for the past few years. Even though it has never been put to effect, should we have a song  n hand written by myself or other writers, which we believe could be a strong contender instead of “Chameleon” we will obviously consider it. So, if it’s another song it would be only because it’s better and stands a better chance BUT Chameleon is not an easy song to challenge so we’ll see. Whatever the outcome, it would be with the mindset that people would root for it as well.

7 What can you ahead us about the performance you’ll be doing in Sweden?

It’s still early days, but we are all wearing our creative hats at the moment 😉

8 What’s the difference between “That’s Why I Love You” and “Chameleon”?

‘Chameleon’ is a mix of both electronic and organic sounding.  It starts off dark  and moody which then opens up in the chorus and further opens up when the dance beat kicks in . There’s a lot of peaks and drops in the song which would work very well for a TV show imo. We also have a 7/4 time signature in the middle section which hints the end catchy melody but it’s not a giveaway. This is done beautifully through an orchestral string arrangement alongside a small touch of middle eastern influence. Most pop songs are normally in 4/4 rhythm and occasionally 3/4 or 6/8 so it was interesting to have this time signature part in.’That’s why I Love you’ is a power ballad with a good feeling. I love the good feeling it has In the chorus. It’s also very anthemic imo and brings out the feeling of a band performing it live . So they were 2 different songs with 2 different visions.  Unfortunately 1 song was allowed to pass to the final depending on the highest number of votes. Chameleon was the preferred song on the night. 

9 Ignoring “Chameleon” and “That’s Why I Love You” (which you, obviously would love), what was your favorite song in Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016?

My favourite was Franklin, every time he sang his song I got shivers down my spine. You knew he meant every single word he said. 

10 In case of winning Eurovision. How would Malta organize the show?

Malta has already proved its abilities to host large events, including the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and the world-famous Isle of MTV for nine consecutive years.  I am sure Malta and PBS will be able to handle the Eurovision Song Contest.  Can you imagine the festival on a beautiful Mediterranean island where the sun shines for more than 300 days a year?


11 We like candidates that confess themselves eurofans. Last 1st of February, our country Spain choose Barei with “Say Yay!” to represent us in Eurovision 2016. Have you listened the song? (In positive case, tell us what do you think about it?)

The song is quite current, vibrant and bursting with happiness and energy.  It is an enjoyable contemporary song with good ingredients to do well in EV. It makes me want to say YES! Barei’s powerful vocals and such a catchy dance tune make Spain a strong contender for Stockholm.

12 To finish… Which are Ira Losco’s future plans?

I will continue with my plans to release the new album which I already released the first track ‘haunted by love’ in January. I hope I will make it in time to release by 2016.  There’s a lot of work surrounding this release, which is not new to us, but we have to do this amidst the Eurovision madness 😉 bring it on!! 


Now is your turn to send greetings to our readers, and all the eurofans in Spain and also internationally. Thank you, so much!

I am overwhelmed by the positive feedback by international fans of the festival everywhere. It is exciting and heart-warming to have so much support. I wish I could thank each and every person personally. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Spain will vote in the first Semi-Final.  I hope you will like my song and that you will vote for me!

All we have left to say is thank you to Ira for spending time to answer our questions. We hope she enjoyed the interview! In order to you can stay tuned to all the news from Ira’s entry we leave you here her social networks.

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