Gabriela Gunčíková: ” I think it’s hard to please all of the people all of the time. And I think we would waste precious energy trying to do that.”


From we had the pleasure to speak with Czech Republic’s representative in Eurovision 2016. Gabriela wants to be an inspiration for everyone who read what she told us.

1 Something soft to start. Who is Gabriela Gunčíková?

I am person just like everyone else.  I grew up in a very small village in the Czech Republic. Often times people from small towns have a hard time seeing beyond their circumstance. But I always knew there was something more, something greater than my village. Many times we are afraid of what we don’t understand,  so we don’t take chances. I can see how easy it is to believe the lie we tell ourselves that we cannot do this or that. And sometimes people around us try to confirm that and tell us, know you cannot do this or that. At a young age I stopped believing that lie about myself and I stopped listening to those who try to confirm that in me. Once I realized anything is possible if you’re willing to work hard at it and if you dare to believe. This is Gabriella Guncikova. I would like to challenge everyone out there, that they all have a gift. We all have different gifts and we are not all the same and that’s what makes us awesome and unique. Live your dreams, go for it, don’t let anyone (including yourself) tell you cannot do it. There is an old saying, “one of these days, is none of these days.” Your time is now! Just do it!

2 The first time the public could see you was in the talent show Česko Slovenská SuperStar (Czech-Slovak version of Pop Idol). What memories you keep in mind of that experience?

To be quite candid I have very mixed emotions about that experience. I would like to stay on the positive side that question. As I answered in your first question, that it is important that we know who we are and where we are heading. Some people may have a vision for you that is different than what you want in life. This was very true for me and Superstar. But it was also an extraordinary opportunity for me to see what I was made of give mean incredible platform to grow my talents and gifts and get great opportunities and for that I am extremely grateful.

3 You were the runner – up behind the winner Lukáš Adamec. Do you think Lukáš victory was the right decision?

I believe everything in life happens for reason. I also believe that I do not put myself in a box and categorize myself by one event in my life. I also believe when looking back on events like Superstar, that overtime things have a way of showing what was “Right.” For me now that was a long time ago and I am thoroughly enjoying my current opportunities and looking forward to future opportunities to inspire.

4 After your way through the competition, you  signed a contract with Universal Music Group, launching your debut solo album “Dvojí tvář”. What does it feel to see a label such as Universal putting their faith in you?

Universal is obviously one of the greatest music companies in the world. Anyone would be ecstatic to have such a fantastic company behind them. I look forward to future collaborations with them and I am opened other opportunities should they arise as well.

5 Also that year, 2011, you won Best New Artist Award in the Český Slavík Awards (alike to the american Grammys). How did you feel about that?

What I love about that is that if I can do it,  anyone who puts their mind to it can do it too! In all of these wonderful experiences I enjoy staying focused on what is most important in life.  to inspire, to empower, to celebrate everyone’s success, to be grateful, and to encourage. I hope that as I’ve been given these great platforms, I can lead by example and that these great truths will shine into other people’s lives as well.

6 In 2013 you began to work with american vocal coach Ken Tamplin with whom you released your second studio album. What does it mean your time in USA in your career?Guncikova3

Ken has been an incredible vocal coach,manager,  advocate and friend to me. Ken brought me over from the Czech Republic to the USA where he has invested a great deal into meand my career. We have not yet released a second studio album, though we have worked on an incredible amount of fabulous and diverse
material. He has really fought for me and continues to fight for me. He is a great person to have on my team and by my side 🙂

7 Of these two albums, “Dvojí tvář” y “Celkem jiná”, is there any song that you would like send to Eurovision?

As much as I love those albums, I would like to concentrate on new horizons and new material that best fit my future endeavors. Stay tuned I have some new stuff in
the works that I’m super excited about!

8 Now that we have gotten Eurovision issue, tell us about “I Stand” the song you will sing as representative of Czech Republic in Stockholm next may.

I stand is kind of the story of my life. If you listen to the lyrics closely you’ll understand. This is a new direction for me though I have always loved songs and pieces of music that sound epic like they have come from a movie soundtrack. It was very fun piece to do and I look forward to doing more pieces like them in the near future!

9 If you would have to define your song in three words, they would be…?

Honest, Transparent, Determined.

10 How did the idea come of presenting “I Stand” to czech broadcaster in a bid of representing your country?

As it happens often with various publishing companies and record companies, good writers get to submit music that these companies feel will best represent their efforts. I Stand was no exception. After hearing the song it was ano-brainer. It was obvious the song was meant to be in Eurovision and I was fortunate enough to be the one allowed to participate on it. 🙂

11 Only one month and a half left to Eurovision Song Contest 2016. We assure you are working on the performance, and the outfit, can you ahead us something we could see in Stockholm?

That that is a big surprise, you will have to stay tuned for that one and expect some crazy fun competition!

12 From the outside, it seems like Eurovision is a format that doesn’t fit in the proper way in Czech Republic as it never got the great final. How do you live the feeling in the inside of  the country?

Much like clothing, there is no such thing as one size fits all. I think it’s hard to please all of the people all of the time. And I think we would waste precious energy trying to do that. I think Eurovision is a fabulous concept of uniting and bringing countries together under the banner of music. I hope my contribution will help make it more palatable for those that may not appreciate it as much as I do. I want to represent my country well. 🙂

13 Your song caught the attention of eurofans. Even someone calls it a hit. Would Gabriela Gunčíková be the person who change Czech Republic’s bad luck?


If I may I would like to share A quick story with you. It’s funny because I saw this recently my Facebook post and couldn’t help but smile.  What I am about to share is not true for just the Czech Republic but for people everywhere.

1) J.K. Rowling (author of Harry Potter) She went from a short-lived marriage that imploded, became was jobless, a single parent, almost homeless went on to be one of the greatest authors of our generation. “Bad luck – turned into earned success.”

2) Steve Jobs (Inventor of Apple Computers) Was fired from the very company he began.  Broke and destitute, he went on to build one of the greatest computer companies in the world. “Bad luck – turned intoearned success.”

3)  Bill Gates (CEO of Microsoft) was a Harvard dropout. He co-owned a business called Traf-O-Data, which was an epic failure. “Bad luck -turned into earned success.”

However, he turned this failure into the success. I love his quote “It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”

4) Albert Einstein at age 4 was still unable to speak and his teachers  said he would never amount to much.

5)  Walt Disney was fired from the newspaper he worked for because “He had no original ideas.” “Bad luck – turned into earned success.”

6)  Lionel Messi was cut from his soccer team due to growth issues and was told he would never make it in soccer and has gone on to arguably be one of the greatest soccer players in history. “Bad luck – turned into earned success.”

7) The Beatles were turned down by every major label. “Bad luck -turned into earned success.”

I could go on and on but I think you get my point.  Neither success nor failure is a permanent state.  It’s what we do with it that counts!

14 With your participation, your country would have taken part 5 times in Eurovision. We like representatives to know the history of the show. So, if you would have to choose the best entry from Czech Republic in Eurovision, ¿which one did you say it is?

Mine now …of course!  ha ha 🙂 Seriously though, I thought Marta Jandová & Václav Noid Bárta – Hope Never Dies did a great job for ’15, let’s see what happens for us for ’16!

15 For eurofans events such as Eurovision in Concert are very important, do you have intention of promoting your song through Europe?

I am actually on tour at this time with Rock Meets Classics (a previous commitment I had before Eurovision) but as soon as time permits I will be all over it!

16 Which of this year entries do you think they were the strongests?

I actually think there are a lot of strong contenders. So many great flavors from different diverse cultures.

Especially the choruses to songs like: Iveta Mukuchyan – LoveWave, songs like Miracle have a cool Christina  pop vibe form Samra – Miracle, I also love melodic minor songs like Dalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner and Jala – Ljubav Je for the melody, the chorus to IVAN – Help You Fly (Belarus), Iike the groove to Laura Tesoro – What’s The Pressure and others.  Some good competition this year 🙂

17 Barei with Say Yay! was chosen past february 1 as spanish represantive. What do you think about the song of Spain?

I think Barcelona rules! (as a Futbol team ha ha!) I think the song is catchy but I’m much more of an organic girl when it comes to music 🙂

18 Just to finish, what are the future plans in music industry of Gabriela Gunčíková?

Currently on tour and gearing up for my next solo album as well as Trans Siberian Orchestra again this year!


Now, it’s your time to send a message for the readers of and, of course, all your fans both national and international.

I want to inspire everyone to live their dreams. Remember for all of the contestants here you are all already winners! You were chosen by their countries to represent you which means you are already are unique, special and you didn’t listen to those who said you couldn’t do it.  We all need to be more like you!. Eurovision is an opportunity to show the diversity and unity between us all. A respect and love each and everyone of you and wish you all the best for Eurovision 2016.

All we have left to say is thank you to Gabriela for spending time with us, and wish her the very best of lucks in the first semifinal of Eurovision Song Contest 2016.


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