From Objetivo Eurovision to Operación Triunfo

After previous failures, the phenomenon called “Operación Triunfo” to choose the Spanish representative for the Eurovision Song Contest, and for which RTVE has bet this year, is taking shape.

A great amout of formats Radio Televisión Española has put on the table in recent years to succeed in the famous contest. After consecutive internal elections, it was bet in 2007 for “Misión Eurovision” with 14’3% of the screen quota that kept 1,600,000 viewers watching the show. But since then every bid to get it it right have been failures for public television. We could only highlight the distant “Salvemos Eurovisión” (2008) with nearly 2,000,000 spectators or “Eurovisión: Destino Oslo” in 2010 with around 2,600,000 viewers and 15.6% of share.

On February 11, we attended what was the biggest evidence of the decline in the selections of Eurovision representatives in our country, no longer perhaps because of the scarce public, which hovered around 1,400,000 spectators, but because of the failure of the voting system that will weigh in the memory of RTVE and especially in Spanish eurofans, while the roosters keep waking us up in the mornings.

A lot of criticism has fallen on the public television since then, that this past Monday placed herself a pin, announcing Operación Triunfo as a pre-selection of the Spanish representative for Lisbon 2018. But RTVE had waited about six weeks before to see how it was welcomed the format, and make the announcement official.

Resultado de imagen de OT 2017 Gala 6

Over a month and a half it’s been, and many have been the winks that RTVE has made to the great festival of the song: Eres tú by Mocedades, Rise like a phoenix by the winner Conchita Wurst performed by Agoney, the ice cream maker Quédate Conmigo of our Pastor Soler interpreted a week ago by Nerea or even the commotion of eurofans in the networks by the similarity of Miriam’s dress and that of our representative Lydia in 1999, in the third show singingg Euphoria by Loreen.

What if we look back? Because it is far from 2002 and those weeks of infarction between the three finalists of OT1; David Bisbal, David Bustamante and Rosa Lopez that without eating or drinking after finishing the contest and with three weeks against the clock and heart attack the Spanish eurofans would have to choose representative and song for Tallinn, Estonia. And wham! “Europe would live a celebration” and Rosa from Spain took us to seventh place in the festival. Will it be the same this year? For now the favorite contestants of the public have been, Aitana, Alfred and Amaia two weeks each, will they be the aspirants to Lisbon 2018 ?.

Waiting for show 7 this night, fans of the contest  can see how the representative is profiled in the Channel 24 Hours of Operación Triunfo that received 20 million of visits in the month of November, a channel that is commented daily by Twitter with the hashtag #OTDirecto with which it is national Trending Topic and daily since the start of the contest exceeding the 200,000 daily mentions averaged over the last weeks.

Now we have preselection, and we could say that we are the only country from 43 participants this year that will follow the selection of their representative minute by minute, without us escaping any cock outside the pen. Who said fear, eurofans ?.

Keep your fingernails and pay attention to the eurodrama it’s coming so there is still a lot until February, month in which Spain normally performs representative and song. Until then we will cross our fingers and we will roll our eyes every Monday so they do not expel our favorite.





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